About ATDC-SMART Training Programmes

The Textiles & Apparel Sector provides direct employment to over 45 million people in India,holding the position of the second largest provider of employment after agriculture. Indirectly it is estimated that 60 million people are involved in the whole value chain.

The visionary creation of the brand “SMART” (Skills for Manufacturing of Apparel through Research & Training) by Dr. Darlie Koshy, DG & CEO of ATDC has proved to be a major step capturing the imagination of both Government and the Apparel Industry.

ATDC created a contemporary Brand ‘SMART’ for implementation of the ISDS project and helped ATDC position a number of courses in the modern context of apparel industry which is eco-friendly, energy saving, compliant with the international standards, etc. ATDC also wanted to encourage systematic manufacturing practices to achieve consistency in production and delivery. SMART was thus conceived as ‘Skills for Manufacturing of Apparel through Research & Training’ in order to attract youth and women in large numbers to join this industry.

The humane quality of the whole endeavour was also visually represented by embedding a young man and woman as part of the ‘M’ in the Brand. The brand also stands for research into advancement of productivity and efficiency to improve competitiveness of the apparel industry.

With the advent of skill development initiatives in the country and the introduction of Integrated Skill Development Scheme (ISDS) by MOT, GOI in October, 2010, ATDC was selected as a Nodal Agency on Pan- India basis for implementing the Skill Development Scheme under Component-I by the Ministry of Textiles. In the last 3 years, after the skill development programme commenced, ATDC’s proactive efforts through creation of BRAND ‘SMART’ is an acronym (Skills for Manufacturing of Apparels through Research and Training) & SMART Fast-Track shop floor workforce training Programmes under the ISDS there has been a visible improvement on the ground. In 2010, when ATDC took the ambitious challenge of training 1, 72,000 candidates in five years, it seemed a daunting task. Now, having successfully enrolled and trained over 1,00,000 candidates in the pilot project (October 2010 till 31st December 2013) and contributing to over 55 percent of the entire Ministry of Textiles’ target, the ATDC network has turned a new leaf in the journey of “Skilling India” and making the “mission” a movement by involvement of many State Governments / Sponsoring Agencies / NGOs & reaching out to rural hinterlands, mofussil & rural & semi-urban areas in every nook & corner of India.

The candidate profile of ATDC-SMART pilot project period 2011-12 and 2012-13 indicate 82% women and about 71% candidates are from rural and semi-urban areas.
ATDC SMART Training Project

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