ATDC – IAM CE Programmes

Introduction to ATDC-IAM TI UK Online Modules:

ATDC-IAM Industry Projects & CE Programmes Division have launched programmes for working professionals, aspiring students as part-time-weekend-short time ‘‘Power”courses which will help to improve employability & will keep changing as per requirements in Fashion/Textiles, Apparel & lifestyle industry requirements in mind. The‘‘Continuing Education(CE) Programmes, aims to anticipate and address key challenges, build culture of learning every month through established industry specific courses-“Summer Workshops” ‘‘Industry Workshops & Seminars”. Apart from CE Programmes of 3 months to 1 year conducted under ATDC-IAM CE Programmes Division, In-House Workshops/Seminars can be conducted exclusively for the personnel of any specific industry/organization. Such courses would be tailor made to the specific requirements of the organization and will be on demand. Collaborative programmes certified by Textiles Institute (Tl), UK are now launched to help professionals, seeking industry/business growth in the field of Textile & Apparel (T&A) value chain.

About NISTI, TI UK Programme:

The North India Section of the Textile Institute (NISTI) was formed in 1989. It is a subsidiary of the Textile Institute, Manchester. The Textile Institute is an international association, spanning every sector and occupation relating to fibres and their uses, which together form the world’s largest industry. Its mission is to promote professionalism and provide global network for the long-term development of the industry.Keeping in line with these objectives, NISTI organizes a number of activities around the year to promote professional knowledge and provide network in for growth and development. An Executive Committee comprising of eminent professionals drawn from the industry / technical institutes etc. administers NISTI.

About ATDC-NISTI TI UK Online Programmes:

The Textiles & Fashion Business Specialist online modules are specially designed to cover requirements of industry for specialist individuals with strong background for textile & Fashion industry. The course covers fibre to fashion the complete chain of making of fabric to making of Apparel, thus solidifying the requirement of textile & fashion industry. The entire course will be covered under 8 modules as follows:

Online Course Module Details:

  1. Fundamentals of Textiles [Module-1)
  2. Introduction to Apparel/Fashion Business (Module-2)
  3. Foundation Course on Textiles as Raw Materials of Fashion and Textile Testing (Module-3)
  4. Foundation Course on Apparel Specifications & Fashion Product Development (Module-4)
  5. Understanding the Basics of Body Measurement, Size and FIT (Module-5)
  6. Knowledge Enhancement in Dyeing, Processing and Finishing of Textiles (Module-6)
  7. Understanding Clothing Fashion Industry-A Global Perspective (Module-7)
  8. Emerging Trends in Textile & Fashion Business (Module-8)


Individual modules can be completed as per completion guideline mentioned on course modules.

Online registration fee details:

Fee -Rs.1,000/- per module(including GST).

and Rs. 8,000/- (for all 8 Modules) (including GST).


The institute issues a ATDC & Textile Institute(TI), UK Online certificate of participation to candidate on successful completion of 8 modules & Certificate for each individual module.

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