Product Speciality Centre

Knitwear is emerging as the fastest growing segment of Indian garment exports and Indian domestic Apparel industry as compared to all other segments, including woven garments. This is creating a huge demand of workforce that is able to adapt to these changing requirements both in terms of skill levels and knowledge base. Realizing and appreciating this changing requirement and the skill gaps thus arising in this changing scenario, ATDC launched Knitwear Product Speciality Centre in Faridabad specifically addressing the need to provide skilled hands in the Faridabad Apparel cluster which is fast growing as a Knitwear production hub. The product speciality- knitwear manufacturing courses on offer at ATDC Faridabad had been developed after conducting several seminars and workshops with subject experts from ATDC faculty resources, Industry Professionals & eminent Academic Experts. The Course delivery comprises of the “Trainer Course manual”, “Trainee handbook” “Trainee Kit” and “Knit Swatch Book”. These rich knowledge resources help in creating a new paradigm shift.

Upcoming Product Speciality Centre ‘Shirt Manufacturing’- ATDC Chhindwara. 


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