Textile Testing Lab

ATDC initiated 10 Textile Testing Laboratories at select ATDC Vocational Institutes. In the first phase ATDC Centres in Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Jaipur, Noida, Faridabad, Bangalore, Thiruvananthapuram, Indore, Chhindwara and Tirupur would have these Textiles Testing Labs.

The textile testing labs at 10 Pan India ATDC Centres will have the following equipment’s and facilities to begin with:

  • Crock Meter
  • Count tester (Beesley Balance )
  • Tear Strength Tester
  • Colour Matching Cabinet
  • Launderometer
  • Sample Cutter & Digital Balance (GSM Measuring Equipment)
  • Pick Glass
  • PH Meter
  • Digital Tensile strength Tester
  • Fabric Thickness Tester
  • Grading Scale staining / Grading Scale Colour Change
  • Binocular Microscope
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  • ‘TOTs to improve productivity, efficiency of apparel clusters’

    It is heartening to note that in order to provide qualified and competent trainers, who are the key to providing quality training, four Training of Trainers (ToT) academies are being established by ATDC in Gurgaon, Thiruvananthapuram, Chhindwara and also in Rajasthan. It is noteworthy that the ATDC-SMART-TOT Academies are trying to improve the productivity and efficiency of apparel clusters in respective areas and, in this regard, ATDC entered into an MoU with the Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA), Hong Kong for providing advance training on apparel production -related subjects.This was a significant move for up- skilling apparel sector. — Shri Anand Sharma, Hon’ble Union Minister for Commerce, Industry and Textile, GOI

  • The Training of Trainers’ (TOT) Academies is a pioneering initia- tive undertaken to upgrade the knowledge base and skill levels of instructors and trainers and to develop an industry- oriented approach in their pedagogy, teaching and instructional methodologies. The Academy has developed the Multime- dia Digital Contents and recently launched the ATDC-JUKI Tech Innovation Centre at TOT Academy in Gurgaon.The TOT at Chhindwara will enhance the quality of training in the campus and improve the technical edge in manufacturing and upgrade the skills of human resources employed in the apparel industry.
    — Shri Kamal Nath, Hon’ble Minister of Parliamentary Affairs & Urban Development, GOI

  • It is significant to note that the TOT Academies are now extending not only training to ATDC’s own staff but also to professional and personnel of the Gurgaon Export Units.The ATDC-CITA advance training pro- grammes have come at the right time when Indian apparel exports are searching for ways for improving cost-competitive- ness and productivity. I am glad to learn that a number of apparel units registered for attending these programmes. I urge the industry to avail of this opportunity for introducing modern techniques and a new approach to apparel manufacturing to improve global competitiveness of this critical industry in our economy.
    — Ms Zohra Chatterji, IAS, Secretary, Ministry of Textiles, GOI

  • ‘We can share with India more such new training methods’

    Many management methods practiced in China are suitable for India.The focus of the apparel industry will increasingly be drawn to reduce carbon footprints and other environmentally-sustainable production practices. Many countries in West Asia are today seeking help from China in implementing green practices in the apparel industry. I think, in the near future, CITA and ATDC can share with India more of such new training methods.
    — Mr. Chun Wai NG, Project Investigator, Clothing Industry Training Authority

  • I am really glad to be part of this training programme. I appreciate the arrangements made for the training.The industry visit that was organised further built on the concepts that we had been teaching during this training programme.The ATDC participants have shown a lot of enthusiasm and we hope that this blend of practical and theo- retical training will benefit the teaching methodology adopted by the participants both from Industry and ATDC.
    — Ms. Fung Wah CHAN, Project officer, Clothing Industry Training Authority

  • The world is moving towards social awareness and though some of these norms may not be compulsory for industry to fol- low today, things like carbon-foot prints, sustainability, DMAIC, Kyoto Protocol Higg Index etc. will become the defining factors for buyers to select manufacturers. ATDC’s initiative to integrate this awareness into their academics and provide a platform to the Industry to build awareness is very important initiative We look forward to partnering with ATDC for more such initiatives.
    — Dr. Austin Au Programme Director, Clothing Industry Training Authority

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