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The recent changes in the Companies Act with a mandate for CSR funding provides a unique opportunity for Corporates to engage actively in the ‘socio-economic transformation’ especially for the youth and women in the country. ‘Skilling’ the youth and women especially in rural areas leads to visible transformation. ATDC’s objective has been clearly stated in this context as “Imparting Skills, Improving Lives”.

ATDC, as you are aware, has emerged as the ‘Largest Training Provider’ in the apparel sector with over 190 Centres in 23 States and 85 Cities and have trained over 1,00,000 people in less than 3 years under Integrated Skill Development Scheme (ISDS), MOT, GOI through SMART (Skills for Manufacturing of Apparel through Research & Training). The SMART Centres have been set up specially for implementation of the training programmes including those candidates pursuing long-term programmes.

Linking the ‘employment’ seeking youth to prospective employers and ensuring that they get wage or self-employment is a major endeavour for ATDC.

This has attracted nationwide attention to ATDC’s potential to be a quality partner with likeminded Corporates, PSUs, NGOs etc. who are joining hands with ATDC to push the envelope of training the youth in the country with gainful wage and self-employment.

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