RPL project of ATDC is helping human resource of Apparel Sector who could not acquire formal training or education but have attained a skill for the particular job through their work experience only. RPL is fulfilling the shortage of skilled manpower by mapping of the skill sets of these unrecognised workers in particular job .In absence of formal training & formal Degree or diploma, the people working in Apparel Sector even though skilled are not being considered for related status. Due to absence of formalized trainings; these workers may have many Skill gaps for the Jobs they are performing. Also the existing skill strength has not been utilized to their full potential due to this unrecognized status and unknown skill level. RPL helps them to get the Skills gap filled and map their skills with NSQF standards and provide them with AMHSSC-NSDC , MSDE certificate which has a Global Recognition .



Why should Indian Apparel Industry prefer “RPL”?

  • 1. RPL helps to fill up the Skill Gaps required for workforce.
  • 2. RPL also assesses the skill level of the workers thereby helping the industry in getting the skill matrix of their work force thereby helping them in effective allocation of work to these workers.
  • 3. Workers are imparted the life skills through the Soft Skill modules integrated in the Orientation & training.
  • 4. The special modules on digital literacy integrated in orientation help them to learn the contemporary methods of digital payments.
  • 5. RPL is becoming the key factor in enhancing Individual working and self-motivation there by increased Organizational performance
  • 6. One of major component is upskilling of workers, which help the workers to adopt the use of new process, methods and technology.
  • 7. RPL facilitate, Industry to get learned; motivated and certified workforce.
  • 8. The Garment Export sector is stepping into another challenging phase wherein ‘compliance’ norms by buyers will also insist on assurance of formally “Skilled and certified workforce”
  • 9. In this Pandemic situation of Covid -19 to boost the Apparel Industry again we have to rethink post-covid strategies , we have to conduct training & Orientation to use new technology and upgrade the man power accordingly to reduce costs and boost efficiency as it mulls on how to emerge from Covid -19 pandemic in good shape to compete globally.

  • Candidates get the skill certificate of Government of India which is Globally recognized.
  •  Improved life skills
  •  Enhanced efficiency
  •  Recognition in industry & family.
  •  Skill Gaps filled leading to greater efficiency
  • High motivation
  • Increased happiness Quotient
  • An edge over uncertified co-workers.
  • Training imparted in Approved NSQFJOB ROLES for RPL
  • Sewing Machine Operator
  • Sewing Machine Operator – Knits
  • Sampling Tailor
  • Pressman
  • Inline Checker
  • Finisher
  • Packer
  • Layer man
  • Fabric Cutter
  • Fashion Designer
  • Machine Maintenance Mechanic
  • Embroidery Machine Operator
  • Hand Embroiderer

    RPL is applicable for any candidate of Indian nationality who :
  • -Age between 18-45 years.
  • -At least 6 months working experience
  • -Has prior experience in the job role which they want RPL certification and
  • -Possesses an Aadhaar card and Aadhaar linked bank account.
  • ORIENTATION ACTIVITIES (RPL 80hrs.) Bridge course (Upskilling / Reskilling)

    RPL is applicable for any candidate of Indian nationality

  • -Age between 18-45 years
  • -At least 6 months working experience.
  • -Has prior experience in the job role for which they want RPL certification and as specified by the SSCs for those job roles
  • -Possesses an Aadhaar card and Aadhaar linked bank account
  • -Fulfils other criteria related to work experience, as defined by the SSCs for the respective job roles.
  • For further query contact at 01244659537 / 9958498553