ATDC Fashion Runway A-W 2024-25 Show (22nd Dec 2023).

December 23, 2023

ATDC Centres Showcases Autumn-Winter 24-25, a fusion of creativity and Sustainability. The afternoon’s event was not just a runway but a student exhibit cum runway preparatory session, providing a sneak peek into the Fashion Trends.
As we explore the symbiosis of earth and light through a vibrant palette, we are proud to announce that the Apparel Training and Design Centre (ATDC) stands ready to embrace future responsibilities. This preparatory show is a prelude to a larger, more impactful showcase planned for February. Get ready for an exciting journey as ATDC leads the way towards a responsible and visionary fashion future.


Themes:  Save Aquatic life,  Weaving Synergy,  Northern Lights,  Monochromatic,  Autumnophile,  Denimaverse,  Next chapter 

The show was graced in presence of Vice Chairman ATDC Shri Rakesh Vaid & DG& CEO ATDC Shri Vijay Mathur and present HoDs. 
Participating centres were, Dwarka, Okhla, Rohini, Gurugram, Noida, Dilshad Garden & Faridabad. All garments were designed and manufactured by Students and mentored by centre Principals.

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Enjoy the show!

ATDC Gurugram-Save Aquatic life inspired by the aquatic realm, where colors echo the serene blues of the ocean and coral pinks of thriving reefs. Designs flow like seaweed and capture the delicate essence of seashells. The runway transforms into a living canvas, a visual ode to the wonders beneath the waves. Presenting Save Aquatic Life by ATDC Gurugram

ATDC Faridabad – Weaving Synergy-As we celebrate the harmonious collaboration between diverse elements, much like the intricate art of weaving. The runway becomes a tapestry where threads of creativity, innovation, and sustainability intertwine, creating a seamless fusion of styles and ideas. Presenting-Weaving Synergy by ATDC Faridabad.

ATDC Noida – Northern Lights – Step into a world of enchantment as we unveil our runway show inspired by the ethereal beauty of the Northern Lights. This celestial dance of color in the Arctic sky becomes our muse, guiding the palette and design of this captivating collection. Presenting – Northern Lights by ATDC Noida

ATDC Dilshad Garden – Monochromatic – Welcome to the fascinating world of “Monochromatic Mastery”! This is all about using only black and white colors in fashion to create a super cool and stylish look in winters. Lets unveil a collection that pays homage to the beauty found in simplicity. Presenting Monochromatic Mastery by ATDC Dilshad Garden

ATDC Dwarka – Autumnophile – we embrace the enchantment of fall, capturing the warmth of golden leaves, the crisp air, and the rich, earthy tones that define the season. Each ensemble is a love letter to autumn, adorned with textures reminiscent of rustling leaves and hues that mirror the palette of a woodland sunset. Presenting Autumnophile by ATDC Dwarka

ATDC Okhla – Denimaverse – Today’s runway show transcends traditional denim norms, showcasing an array of upcycled creations that redefine fashion’s ecological footprint. In this denim odyssey, sustainability intertwines intertv seamlessly with streetwear aesthetics, offering a fresh take on urban fashion. Presenting Denimaverse by ATDC Okhla

ATDC Rohini – A/W 2024-a celebration of the next chapter in fashion’s evolution. Each ensemble is a brushstroke painting the canvas of this season’s narrative, where elegance meets functionality. Fabrics and textures reflect the embrace of the season, bringing forth a collection that speaks to both comfort and style. Presenting A/w 2024 by ATDC Rohini