UP-CYCLING DENIM program was organized for the students at Apparel Design and Training Institute (ATDC), Raipur.

December 29, 2023

Up-cycling is the process of transforming waste materials or unwanted products
into new items of better quality, value, or environmental usefulness. This process
involves creatively reusing discarded materials or products in a way that makes
them more functional or aesthetically appealing, while also reducing waste and
Denims are durable fabric and could be used several times. But due to patchy
stains, wear-tear or going out of fashion, ends up in land fill.
A program was organized for the students at Apparel Design and Training Institute
(ATDC), Raipur. So, ATDC Students have collected waste denims to create amazing
up-cycled products as one of their ATDC Task.
32 students were divided into two groups. All the
students brought old, damaged and stained denims
from home and tailoring shops.
Then they have washed and clean it. These clean
denims were cut and ripped. Only good parts of
denims were used.
After this process which lasted for 5 hours, one team designed the dress for the
girl and the other team designed the pants and jacket for the boy from denim.
ATDC students have used their creative skills to produce beautiful products. The
best of all has been put on display in ATDC Reception area.

Principal Raja Gir Goswami said that many
programs are organized to increase creativity
among students. In this, students, of Fashion
Designing and Retail, designed new dresses
from items like old jeans, waste paper, plastics
and many more.
Also for wall painting, students selected such a
theme which would make the classroom decent
and bright. After this, students planned and did
wall painting, in which they used themes of
lotuses and their surrounding as that wall has

water marks, and sun kissed woman as that wall always has sunlight.