ATDC Career Counselling Webinar

May 9, 2024

Join us as we dive into the highlights of ATDC’s recent online Career Counselling session, a pivotal event for aspiring fashion and apparel industry professionals. Led by an esteemed panel of directors including Mr. Deepak Singh, Ms. Gurpreet Kaur, Dr. Bhupinder Kaur, Ms. Neera Parihar, and Ms. Manju Singh, this session provided invaluable insights and guidance to the newly enrolled students at ATDC. From addressing pressing queries to offering personalized advice, our directors shared their wealth of knowledge, ensuring that every participant is well-equipped to navigate the dynamic world of fashion and design. Don’t miss out on the key takeaways and expert tips that could shape your future in the industry. Stay tuned till the end for a special segment where we answer questions from the audience, providing clarity and direction to your career path.