What is ATDC Pro-Up?

ATDC Pro-Up is an opportunity for the apparel industry to avail of the training solutions and productivity enhancement programs that will be customized to their requirements. Indian factories operate at lower productivity level. It has been initiated with a vision to deliver value to manufacturing organizations by providing support based on the diagnostics conducted with their teams. This would also enable professionals & the workforce from the apparel sector and upgrade their skills for consulting skills to have better outcomes and results.

How to leverage strengths and enhance manufacturing excellence -HERE IS THE KEY ?

Operational Excellence: Streamlining manufacturing operations, Quality & Process Improvement, Capacity Improvement, and Information Systems for operations & control. Manpower: The maintenance of skill matrix, recruitment & induction of right people for a particular job and retention of human resource. Market Intelligence: Develop a strong understanding of each market and how their product will be a specific market fit. Continuous Improvement: Innovating and sustaining continuous improvement of people, processes and product leads to achievement of excellence .

Who would benefit from ATDC Pro-Up programs?

The Pro-Up modules will be providing specialized and customized training to: – The garment factories, workforce across juniormiddle management cadres and shop-floor workforce in the factory to enhance efficiency and productivity. – The existing professionals in the Fashion and Apparel sector can upgrade their skills & knowledge base across any segment of the value chain of Apparel sector.

Upgradation Fast Track Training’s

  • Fabric & Apparel Technology
  • Pattern Making Techniques
  • Cutting Room Efficiency Enhancement
  • Merchandising Management
  • Production Planning & Control
  • Industrial Engineering Tools & Techniques
  • Supervisors’ Training Programme
  • Quality Assurance
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Soft Skills

Enhancing Shopfloor Efficiencies– Long Term Interventions

  • Lean Manufacturing Programmes: Lean Tools, Waste Reduction, increased 1st Hour Output and Culture of Continuous Improvement
  • Productivity Enhancement Programmes: Cost optimization through Work Measurement and Methods Improvement, Reduce Product Development Cycle time.
  • Quality Improvement Programmes: Understanding the Cost of Quality, Reduced Repair and Rejection Level Enabling to set up systems and processes by driving efficiencies across operations

Methodology Adopted by ATDC Pro-UP

Conducting ‘Diagnostics Gap Study’

Problem Identification and Remedial Need Analysis

Customized Training Contents Development

Skill Interventions & Delivery of Customized Modules

Assessment & Outcomes

Modules most in demand under Fast Track Up-gradation Programmes

1.Quality Enhancement Up-skilling Program

Understanding & complying with the buyer desired AQL

Problem-Solving through Fishbone Diagram

Methodology to ensure right garment formation

Understanding of Fabric/ Garment Defects

DHU reduction

SOPs for Pre-production, Inline, and
post-production quality inspection

2. Upskilling of Supervisors

  • Orientation to IE (industrial Engineering) concepts
    & Tools
  • Understanding, Identification and removal of NPT
    (Non- Productive Time)
  • Concepts and tools of work-study, method study
    and motion study
  • Methodology of scientific Line Balancing (Using
    pitch Time & Pitch diagram)
  • Preparation of Standard Operation Bulletins
  1. Maintenance of Basic & Advanced Sewing
  • Types of SNLS, O/L, F/L Machines, their parts,
    functions and basic preventive maintenance
  • Types of Needles and calculation of Needle Sizes
  • Operation Breakdown
  • Types of stitches and stitching/ sewing defects
  • Fault Analysis and their effects on garments
  • Work discipline, health and hygiene, and safety
  • Basic Maintenance of Lockstitch, Overlock and
    Flatlock machine including preventive

4. Soft Skills, English and Digital Literacy

  • Soft Skills: Interpersonal Skill Development,
    Negotiation Skills, Creative Thinking, Time
    Management, Problem Solving, Decision Making,
    Group Discussion, Resume & Interview
  • English Skills: English Grammar & Business
    Communications, Sentence Formation, Writing
    Basics, Keys to effective writing, Letter Writing,
    Email Etiquette, Parts of Speech
  • IT Literacy Skills: Typing Tutorial, Computer
    Security Awareness, Productivity Tools- MS
    Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint

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