Dr Bhupinder Kaur GM, Technical Education conducts The Faculty Development Program (FDP) at ATDC NHO.

May 6, 2024

The Faculty Development Program (FDP) titled “Preventive Measures for Safeguarding ATDC
Assets” was conducted with the primary objective of enhancing awareness and equipping ATDC
faculty and principals with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure the security and
protection of ATDC assets. The Program helped to;
● Enhanced Awareness: Participants gained a deeper understanding of the importance of
asset security and the potential risks associated with inadequate safeguarding measures.
● Strengthened Collaboration: The FDP facilitated collaboration and knowledge-sharing
among faculty and principals, fostering a culture of vigilance and accountability within
The FDP on “Preventive Measures for Safeguarding ATDC Assets” provided participants
valuable insights and practical tools to enhance asset security within ATDC. The program served
as a catalyst for strengthening our institutional integrity and ensuring the protection of ATDC