ATDC hosted a talk on Green Fashion Balancing Social, Environmental, and Economic Aspects Session was taken by Dr.Bhupinder Kaur.,

June 6, 2024

Topic: Green Fashion: Balancing Social, Environmental, and Economic Aspects

On World Environment Day, June 5th, 2024, the ATDC hosted a talk on “Green Fashion:
Balancing Social, Environmental, and Economic Aspects.” Session was taken by Dr.
Bhupinder Kaur.
Key Points from the Talk
Green fashion plays a crucial role in promoting environmental sustainability, social
responsibility, and ethical practices within the fashion industry. By embracing
sustainability principles, fashion brands and consumers.
Impact of Fast Fashion:
● Environmental Degradation: Fast fashion contributes significantly to pollution,
waste, and resource depletion.
● Social Issues: Exploitation of labor, poor working conditions, and unfair wages in
the fast fashion supply chain.
● Economic Pressures: Fast fashion’s model of low-cost, high-volume production
undermines sustainable business practices.
Way to move towards Green fashion to balance Social, Environment and
economic aspects
● Sustainable Materials: Shifting to organic and recycled materials to reduce
environmental impact.
● Innovative Technologies: Implementing eco-friendly dyeing processes
● Circular Economy: Adopting recycling, upcycling, and designing for longevity to
minimize waste.
● Ethical Practices: Ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions, and promoting
transparency in the supply chain.
● Consumer Education: Raising awareness about the impacts of fast fashion and
encouraging responsible consumption.